Thursday, December 28, 2006

at last...

...i am digital. in canada w/ mama for the xmas holidays:
this is sinigang which is a tamarind-based soup. mom used bangus (milk fish) here but shrimp/prawns, chicken, pork or beef are also common. for veggies: kangkung (similar to spinach - mom used regular spinach here), radish - regular or daikon, green beans, eggplant, onions, tomato. get a plate of rice and slowly spoon the soup & meat/veggies over the rice. one of my favorite filipino dishes.

this is brie, red grapes and rosemary-olive oil bread i bought from the public market at granville island. i manage to hit this spot up every time i'm in vancouver. i used to come a lot when i lived here '81-'85. only back then all i wanted to do was hit up the kids market and get my face painted.
the brie was like butter - really creamy and soft and the rosemary bread was really good - still soft even a day later. ate it all w/ some chilean pinot noir. NE. mom passes out after one glass of wine. oh well more for me oh well.

today we ate at montana's which is a sort of theme/chain restaurant by built into the mall by my mom's apartment. ordered a full rack of the side ribs w/ honey brown sauce. they were not bad. beans were a little pork&beans w/ chili seasoning thrown in and the coleslaw was meh. had to order a side of pickles also. i was fiending for southern bbq with the mac n cheese and cornbread.

i want homecooked meals but mom wants to eat out because it's easier for her. auugh.

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